Zee Zest brings to you Dolce Vita

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Zee Zest brings to you Dolce Vita

A peek into Italian culture,food, and life with Chef GinoD’Acampo

 February,2023:Embark on a journey of discovery through Italy as you immerse yourself in mesmerizing sunsets, charming towns, historical attractions, and rich culture. Zee Zest brings to you Dolce Vita– the new food & travel anthology, where celebrity chef and media personality Gennaro Sheffield D’Acampo (Gino D’Acampo), known for his television shows and cookbooks, takes us along his odyssey celebrating the Italian way of life.

Through the four shows namely Gino’sHidden Italy, Gino’s Italian Coastal Escape,Gino’s Coastal Odyssey, and Gino’s Italian Express, he travels to different parts of Italy, revealing secrets of Italian food and takes us through the beautiful streets, recipes, history, stories and some rich experiences. The show will be aired five days in a week, Monday to Friday at 6:00 PMand repeat telecast at 11:00 PM, starting from February 13th only on Zee Zest and Zee Zest HD.

Both Indians and Italians have a similar cultural accord–love for good food, a rich cultural heritage, strong family values and a joyous appreciation of the life around them. Dolce Vita premiering on Zee Zest and Zee Zest HD, immerses us in all these experiences as we acquaint ourselves to the culture that has a close affinity to our own.In the 1st show: Gino’s Hidden Italy, Gino walks us through the through fertile plains of Umbria, also known as “the green heart of Italy” and visits Norcia- the food capital of the region,followed by a trip to the stunning man-made Marmore waterfalls. From peach picking in Turin to truffle hunting in Piedmonte, the show celebrates the best in local and seasonal Italian ingredients.

Taking inspiration from the local markets and people he met along the coast of Italy, in the 2nd show: Gino’s Italian Coastal Escape, he brings together authentic regional recipes along with his family heritage recipes that you can easily recreate at home.In The 3rd Installment: Gino’s Coastal Odyssey, he showcases few of his favorite places along the Mediterranean coast – some for their beauty, but mostly for their incredible food and ingredients. The 4th show, Gino’s Italian Express, is a celebration of the delicious and authentic local foods that Gino discovered on his train travels across the country.Dolce Vita premiering on February 13th can be watched from Monday to Friday at 6:00 PM andrepeat telecast at 11:00 PM only on Zee Zest and Zee Zest HD.

Throughout the series Dolce Vita, on Zee Zest and Zee Zest HD, we explore how each region showcases its own authentic food, culture and recipes inspired by their heritage. Sprinkled with Gino’s quintessential wit and knowledge, the show will be a delight for food aficionados, history lovers, travel enthusiasts and people who love to learn new recipes.

“Dolce Vita beautifully captures the essence of Italy’s picturesque coastline and other lesser-known areas. It combines food with travel– the two heartfelt pleasures a person truly seeks,presented by Gino’s finesse and experience. We are excited to present Dolce Vita to our audiences, which is a one-of-a kind show that is sure to enthrall our viewers with the magic of Italy,” said Mr. Amit Nair, Chief Channel Officer – Zee Zest, Zee Entertainment Enterprises.


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