Awesome TV · October 12, 2018 · Movie Reviews, News · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE – Alfred Hitchcock meets Quentin Tarantino in “BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE”. Director Drew Goddard, who also has written the story knows his craft, and brings suspense with twisted situations that follow throughout the film brilliantly. The film shares a stellar cast, that features, Jeff Bridges, John Hamm, Dakota Johnson, Cynthia Erivo, Lewis Pullman & Chris Hemsworth.

   Set in the 50 to the late 60’s, there lies a Motel/Hotel that is between the California and Nevada border. It has been quiet for a long time with not many people visiting by, until a few people one day check in. They are from different places with different stories. What are their motives and dark past starts to unfold, once they check in at The “EL ROYALE”.

   The expressions from all actors are fun to watch, and the way the film unfolds with chapters and flashbacks is refreshing to watch after a long time. The film gets a 3 and a half stars recommendation. Courtesy Awesome TV & BEING FILMY.

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