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BOMBAY BEGUMS – Series Review

Awesome TV · March 08, 2021 · Bollywood, Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

BOMBAY BEGUMS – Pooja Bhatt & Shahana Goswami after a long time lead the cast.  Bhatt plays a CEO of a Major Bank, that needs to come out of the red and be profitable, yet the board of directors feel she is incapable, but still cannot do away without her. The series shows that these woman have skeletons in their closets, and they appear reckless at times.

There are other characters that are also going through a tough time. They show a mature prostitute wanting to clean up her image and raise her son the right way. Then there is a young girl from Indore that wants to make it big in the city, and at the same time admit her bisexualty. The concepts are bold, but at times it becomes crass, due to their characters shallowness as a person. These woman show that men should be just a passage to move onto greener pastures in life. Here I felt that that the story gets pretentious, and these characters lack any moral judgment

   It deals with molestation, masturbation, minors going for rave parties to get wasted, At the same time you feel the Indian traditions are the thing of the past, and it is time to accept the recklessness of what is normal in today’s time. You do watch what happens next so that it gets to you in the gut. But my objection to the film maker, is why glorify the affairs and sex in such a vulgar way??

   The subject is for a mature audience, and not for kids at all. The supporting cast by Manish Chaudhary and Imaad Shah do lend their support, but leaves you all uncomfortable at the end of this season.

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