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Coming 2 AMERICA – Movie Review

Awesome TV · March 05, 2021 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

Coming 2 AMERICA – After 32 long years the sequel comes out for Eddie Murphy & Arsenio Hall. Now streaming on Amazon Prime, “Coming 2 America continues the story of a Prince that is now going to be a king.

   Eddie Murphy is happily married now and has 3 daughters, but no male air to take over his dynasty in Zamunda, Africa. Until he finds out unexpectedly that before his marriage he indeed accidently sowed his wild oats in Queens, New York. He finds out that he has a bastard child, and his enemy played by Wesley Snipes, seeks an alliance through marriage with his daughter with him. This will end all bloodshed with Zamunda’s neighboring country.

   Now Prince Akeem – Eddie needs to act fast and goes on the search again to get his long lost son back, and then the nonsense continues. The film has a big setup cast this time. From the old cast to new cameos by Salt & Peppa, Natalie Cole to Morgan Freeman. But too much hype makes this sequel an average affair.

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