GIRL ON THE TRAIN – Movie Review

Awesome TV · February 26, 2021 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

The GIRL ON THE TRAIN – I have been noticing recently that little by little Bollywood is selling crap films to Netflix & Amazon Prime. If this is the platform to be innovative, than I suggest these OTT platforms should be more careful in choosing their films for the audience to enjoy. “THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN”, which is the remake of the Hollywood version of the same name, which when released did not do well.  So why would India make an adaptation of a bad film even worse??

   First the setting is shot in England, to entice the NRI crowd, and the suspense is still weak. Parineeti Chopra is horrible. She cannot act, and even her past work are also not much to write home about either. She is expressionless and appears more abusive in her character then in the Hollywood version. Her role appears contrived and artificial.

   The film tells the tale of a lawyer who ends up in a car accident with her husband. She – (Parineeti) is pregnant, and looses her child in the accident. Her happiness does a 180, and she ends up in a divorce.  A year passes, and her husband who also had cheated on her, has remarried, She is now depressed and has become an alcoholic.

   She takes the train to work, and she passes by a house across one of stations, where she is mesmerized by a happy couple, until things take a dark turn for them as well. Basically she is a snoop, that gets her in a soup. I will not tell you who the killer is. See it at your own risk.

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