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DREAM GIRL – Movie Review

Awesome TV · September 13, 2019 · Bollywood, Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

DREAM GIRL – After a long time have I laughed so hard that my stomach ached. Yes my friends – “DREAM GIRL” is one hilarious film with Ayushman Khurrana, which tells the story of a guy who can mimic a girls voice as a profession. He gets this odd job at night at a call center in India to please primarily lonely men, by oozing sensuality and companionship over the phone to creepy guys.

   This “Dream Girl” gets so popular, that many of them are frustrated and want to meet this person behind the beautiful voice.They want to express their love and craziness for her.. All of them want to be married to their – “Dream Girl”.

   The film has great supporting ensemble cast, with Nushrat Bharucha, Manjot Singh, to Annu Kapoor as Ayushman’s father, who is the highlight in the movie. He needs to get the best comedy award this year. The comic timing and the witty lines are the magic of this film as well.

   I want to thank this new director Raaj Shandilya for making a simple film that will hit the bulls eye at the box-office.The film gets so ridiculous with many comedy of errors scenes that will make you want to see this movie again and a again.

   If you like films like Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s – “Gol Maal”, Priyadrshan’s – “Hera Pheri” & “Hungama”, and those David Dhawan tyoe of films, then you will sure love this film. Ayushman Khuranna I am now indeed a big fan of your work, and of your choices of films. Keep it up. The film gets a 4 star recommendation. A Must See Film!!! Courtesy Awesome TV & Being Filmy.

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