HUSTLERS – Movie Review

Awesome TV · September 13, 2019 · Hollywood, Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

You could say “HUSTLERS” is a female strip club version of “The Wolf Of Wall Street” 

   Before the “2008 Stock Market Crash”, many Wall Street Guys, and CEO’s were throwing their cash money like water at the strip clubs, but then things became washed up and dry. Based on a true story at the famous “Scores” Club in NYC, a few girls took it upon themselves to swindle some debonair men’s credit cards, and maxing them out. They thought this was a rightful thing to do.

   The film has a good premise, but weak story line, and is stretched at times. Jennifer Lopez looks hot and does an amazing strip pole dancing scene. Yes all men will be elated. As for Constance Wu, who leads the cast seems to appear a bit uneasy in this role of a single Asian stripper, struggling with her character, that seems to want to get out of this mess, when things get bad. The film could have been much more, but ends up to half baked. The film gets a 2 star recommendation. Courtesy Awesome TV &  Being Filmy.

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