SECTION 375 – Movie Review

Awesome TV · September 13, 2019 · Bollywood, Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

SECTION 375…We are not in the business of Justice…but we are here in the business of Law…”, says Lawyer – Tarun Saluja at the end of the film, played by Akshaye Khanna. This line, and many other scenes have been well written in the film called – “SECTION 375”. With the “Me Too” – movement growing in India, and “Nirbhaya” case that took place in 2012, Woman who have been predators of sexual harassment have now a voice that they can raise to fight against rape, But what if this voice is used as weapon against men who are innocent?. Even if it is alleged? – Their lives are ruined in shame as well, even if proven not guilty.

   Like Meghna Gulzar’s – “Talwar”, even this film takes the approach of showing both sides of the spectrum brilliantly. But what makes this film different is that it shows characters that are not perfect and have gray shades. What they want the audience to know is what they want you to believe. So where and what is the truth? You will have to go to see this film at the theaters to get the answer.

   Both Akhsaye Khanna as defendant & Richa Chadda as the prosecutor play lawyers, who want what is best for their client.The scripting and dialogues are well penned and thought out. As a result it gives good weight for Richa Chadda & especially Akshay Khanna to sink their teeth into with their performances. We see Akshay Khanna in very few films these days, but his swag and his natural way of acting is impeccable. He gives you a realistic and believable performance. The film has potential to even become a Hollywood remake, or an adaptation I feel. The film is current and universal with this subject matter. The film gets 3 and a half star recommendation. Go see it!!! Courtesy Awesome TV & Being Filmy.

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