FREE GUY – Movie Review

Awesome TV · August 13, 2021 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

FREE GUY – Ryan Reynolds is now maybe getting a bit repetitive with his “Deadpool” style of acting, with the odd quirkiness humor that he brings in all his projects. But do not let that fool you. “FREE GUY” which releases this Friday finally, is quite entertaining and was above my expectations. “FREE GUY” is “I.T” game love story that comes to life. 

    The concept is quite novel. We as a society are so climatized by our daily routine, that sometimes we try to find human contact and love through characters that are on the screen, internet, or rather in a video game. But imagine a background character that comes to life and has all the feelings of a real person that wishes to engage contact with you? The algorithms that were created at the gaming company now comes to life. The game is now a craze, but it is actually made for someone special. 

    I felt the humor and the creativeness of the film makes think and smile. You do come out of the film very happy and romantic. “FREE GUY”. highly recommend, enjoy!!!

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