I change a little after every film : Taapsee Pannu

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I change a little after every film : Taapsee Pannu
Shabash Mithu’s leading lady Taapsee Pannu is one of the finest actress of the Indian film industry. Taapsee, who has been a part of quite a few critically acclaimed Bollywood movies got in an exclusive chat with Awesome tv and spoke about doing sports drama back to back, disconnecting from her characters, bridging the gap between both the genders and a lot more.
We asked the actress her take on movies like Shabhash Mittu resolving the gender discrimination issues and the actress said, “I think most of my films try to bridge that gap between the 2 genders because eventually, if talent in sport matters more than gender is, this one will also definitely end on a note where it will it feel like you can take an up cricket even if you are a female it definitely ends in that note.
Further we asked Taapsee on taking up sports dramas back to back and whether it takes a toll on her mental health. We also asked the actress how does she disconnect with her characters and she replied stating, “I have kind of figured a way I have to disconnect myself totally I go off to somewhere to holiday mostly outside the country but I have no reason or means to get back and do something and go back agar aas paas hoge toh aisa lagta hai chalo ye kar leti hoon, so I totally disconnect myself for quite a few days no work, no work-related conversations and then come back after a week or ten days to get into something else that’s the only process I have so far, its not a foolproof process I do change a little bit after every film, damage kehlo ya change kehlo which doesn’t get back vo thik nahi hota kabhi.”
Taapsee’s much anticipated film Shabhash Mittu has hit the theatres and the film has been garnering mixed response from the audience.

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