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Awesome TV · November 19, 2021 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

INDIA SWEETS AND SPICES – If you have seen “Crazy Rich Asians”, then how about taking a look at “Crazy Rich Indians”, with their big suburb houses in New Jersey, and their fancy BMW’s. Well you must take a look at this film by Geeta Malik, who has come up with a small film with a big heart. “INDIA SWEETS AND SPICES” is a wonderful film, that features Manisha Koirala, Sophia Ali & Adil Hussain in key roles
Like Gurinder Chadha’s – Bhaji On The Beach” , and Mira Nair’s – “The Namesake”, this is another profound film that dissects into the Indian diaspora of the next generation of Indians in the western civilization. Yes America is still the melting pot indeed. The next generation has evolved and has adopted to cross that bridge of being now carefree.
The film does show that desi house parties have to outdo others. Gossip is the essential masala, and being superficial, along with dragging your children as a showpiece is the trendy thing to do always. But the film is much more than that. The acting is natural, and not over the top. Manisha Koirala is brilliant. we get to see her now in these mature roles with substance. It has humor, and a moral message, that all we should all acknowledge, respect and appreciate each other, rather than mock others because of their status.
“INDIA SWEETS AND SPICES”, is a suburban Indian grocery store where all go their to do their shopping. Weather you are rich or poor, the road for your needs ends up there. The grocery store is the integral pasty of the story as well. I also want to see this young talented girl shine in Hollywood, named Sophia Ali. She plays the role of Alia, who is Manisha Koirala’s daughter. She is great as the college girl daughter, who comes to see her parents on summer break. She finds out all is not well on the home front. Now how she handles the situation, and what she discovers with her family and boy choices is the crux of the film.
Hats off to Geeta Malik the director as well for crafting a sensitive, fun film, with a good story. Its a good attempt for a small film that should be seen by all.

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