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By Arun Sajnani,

KARWAAN – God bless Irfaan Khan, who is still battling cancer, but he still has some films that are yet to release like this one called “KARWAAN”. The film is a rom-com, or you could rather categorize it as a off beat comedy that looks at reality in a harsh but funny way.
   The film star new finds Dilquer Salmaan & Mithila Palkar and tells an unusual story of a strange road trip that takes you from Bangalore to Kochi, India. The story is about an estranged relationship between a son and his father that gets a sudden wake up call, when the news from the tour bus company informs the son that his father has passed away in a bus accident. He now must come to collect the body and coffin from Kochi immediately. Only later he finds out that the body is wrong, and is of a old lady that passed away in that bus accident as well. That is when the journey towards self evaluation starts with comedy on this road trip, and with all the characters in this film. 
   It is amazing to see Irfaan Khan playing a part in the film, rather then the main protagonist in the film. He just blends into the subject, and gives everyone their space to act and emote with him. The film is a small film with a big heart. The film gets a 3 star recommendation. Enjoy!! Courtesy Awesome TV & BEING FILMY.

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