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MASABA MASABA – Mini Series Review

Awesome TV · August 28, 2020 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

MASABA MASABA – Now recently available on Netflix is a new 6-part – Mini-Series called, “MASABA MASABA”. Now what is “Masaba Masaba” – you may say?… Well it is about the personal life of Masaba Gupta, who is a famous fashion designer in Mumbai, and has done a lot of work in the Bollywood film industry as well. It also stars her real life mother, who is none other than, Neena Gupta.

   The series takes you into their personal life, where they face their own trials and tribulations. It also shows how their mother-daughter relationship work in today’s modern society in India. It is reality mixed with fiction. Now how much are they telling the truth in their side of the stories, in these episodes are for you to all decide.

    It does remind you of the HBO Hollywood series of “Entourage”, & “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, from a female perspective. But if you have not seen these series, than you will enjoy this new concept very well. However I feel there could have been more episodes, for the audience to have explored their situations, and complexities even further. I am sure Season 2 will have more freshness and sassiness to sink our eyes into it in the future. For now I am giving it a generous 3 star recommendation. Courtesy Awesome TV & Being Filmy!

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