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Awesome TV · February 14, 2021 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

NAMASTE WAHALA – You have heard of Hollywood Meets Bollywood….Now we have Bollywood meets Nollywood. Yes a film set in Nigeria with a African and Indian cast, and you get a film called, “NAMASTE WAHALA”. The film has been directed by new and independent film maker from Lagos, Africa. Her name is Hamisha Daryani Ahuja. It is now streaming on Netflix, and it is a small low budget film, but it will put a smile on your face.

   “NAMASTE WAHALA” does run like a TV drama. The film is about people in love from different cultures and uniting as one. The taboos, the clashes, and the humor is all there for the audience to enjoy and dissect. It is a light hearted attempt that could have been better with a tighter and stronger script. If it had a bigger budget, and bigger cast the film would have been quite exceptional.

   But at the same it is a good attempt and it is fun to watch. The film lead is played by Ruslaan Mumtaz, and whole lot of Nollywood cast that are there with him are also competent in their performances.

   But Sujata Segal as Meera the Indian possessive mother, is one character that you will take home in your thoughts. Kudos to the New Director – Hamisha Daryani Ahuja, who also has a small role in the film should get more chances to make bigger films. This was a good amateur attempt, but her concept has potential.  Do take a look.

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