RAAT AKELI HAI – Movie Review

Awesome TV · July 31, 2020 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

RAAT AKELI HAI – Is Honey Trehan’s – “RAAT AKELI HAI”, a Indian version of “Knives Out”?? Well it feels like it, but it is not and it lags in length. Produced by Ronnie Screwala, the film stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui & Radhika Apte.

   The film has an interesting drama, that takes place in a Haveli. The dirty old patriarch is has been murdered at that place. The who dunnit mystery is led by Kanpur – Police Officer Jatin Yadav, played by Nawazuddin, who when approaches the crime scene keeps all the family under one roof for inquiry. There are indeed secrets ans skeletons behind the walls of this fortress, but the film lacks the surprise element and the twists that you want in a good suspense thriller.

   There are some good elements at the same time.The audience will enjoy the irritable mannerisms that Nawazuddin portrays in his character that makes hime likeable to watch. His mother played by Ila Arun is always on a search for a good girl for him to marry, as he is getting past his prime. Those are some funny light hearted scenes. As for Radhika Apte, she is always good as that lost soul look that she portrays in most of her characters.

   However one wishes to have seen more of the character development and background of the rest of the cast. But if that would have happened, the film would have become a mini-series on Netflix instead, which this movie is currently now on. This new release gets a 2 and a half star recommendation. Courtesy Awesome TV & Being Filmy!

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