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SHARMAJI NAMKEEN – Just released on March 31st – “SHARMAJI NAMKEEN” on Amazon Prime, is Rishi Kapoor’s last film before he passed away. Directed by Hitesh Bhatia, had a difficult journey in completing this film, since Rishi Kapoor passed away mid-way of completion of this film in 2020.

But with the help of Producers of Excel Entertainment, the narrative got completed with a novel concept. Actor Paresh Rawal steps in to complete fill in the missing scenes as the same character. I know it sounds very strange, but it works. You feel they are the same character, and that is the magic of acting.

This is indeed a tribute to the legendary actor Rishi Kapoor. He is so genuine, and natural in his performance. The topic of retirement will indeed haunt us all when it is time for us, and to those presently dealing with it. How does one fight boredom, or being a widow? One has to be occupied and pursue their hobbies or dreams to be full of life.

His passion for cooking and catering for kitty parties has been kept a secret from his children, who find it rather not a respectful profession, or a pass time to do. But the film says, or rather “Sharmaji”, says don’t give a damn, and do what you feel what is right.

Juhi Chawla and Satish Kaushik lend their support to the film, and are equally wonderful. Its a must see.

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