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By Arun Sajnani

SICARIO 2  – SOLDADO – The sequel is very topical to the current circumstances that the U.S. faces at its borders with Mexico. The saga continues with Benico Del Toro and Josh Brolin in “SICARIO 2 – SOLDADO”.

   We see it on the news that children are being separated from their parents upon entering the states illegally. The film also shows more than drugs coming in it is now human trafficking, and the politics that is so flawed in its way to handle the situation. The unsung heroes and the undercover assassins you can say get the crap end of the stick. Its a muck of a situation, when the U.S. Government decide to stir the pot by abducting a particular drug cartel’s daughter to create havoc and eradicate the problem internally in Mexico.

   Benico Del Toro engages you in this engrossing violent film that tells it like it is. There is no good side, but at least humanity can be saved if you have morals that unfortunately our government, at present seems to be oblivious from it all. The film gets a 3 and a half star recommendation. Go and watch it. Enjoy!!  Courtesy AWESOME TV & BEING FILMY.

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