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By Arun Sajnani

SOORYAVANSHI – Director Rohit Shetty delivers a message and thought that is sincere. That is that end terrorism, stop the hatred and brainwashing people to go against each other in the form of race & religion.  With this Police franchise of an action caper, he now brings Akshay Kumar in the lead role as – “SOORYAVANSHI”. And yes he is good in this role. 

    The film is fun, but i wanted more. The preachiness storyline does get in the way for me, but overall it still entertains. Seeing Ajay Devgn as “Singham”, and Ranveer Singh as “Simmba”, join hands to help Inspector – ” VEER SOORYAVANSHI”, is this battle, and does entertain in the latter part of the film. There is good chemistry and commeradrie that makes you cheer for them to end all that is bad with these terror cells rising up with RDX bombs in Mumbai. 

    There is the masala and the quick one liner comedy scenes in this Multi-Starrer. The songs are good, and Katrina Kaif, as Doctor Ria and wife to to “Sooryavanshi”, is perfect in the role, yet gets short changed in this male macho dominated film, along with Kumud Mishra, Gulshan Grover & Jackie  Shroff as the villains. They could have got more scope in these particular characters to create some more intensity in the story.

     But overall it is a commercial Bollywood potboiler that fulfills the “Aam Janta’s” appetite for Diwali. 

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