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THE KASHMIR FILES – The cinema halls are running close house full in USA for this controversial film that takes on the plight of the Exodus of Kashmiri Hindu Pandits from Kashmir in 1990’s. “THE KASHMIR FILES” is not for people with a weak stomach.

The film chokes you. It is gruesome and an intense film. It tells the story of genocide, terrorism, communal discord between the Hindus and Muslims.

Till this day the rage burns on. India and the media has downplayed the news on these actual events that have happened in our time. It is like the Nazi Holocaust with Jews, and like what is happening with Ukraine. You can’t just take a land and be the oppressor. But if we do not speak up of the atrocities, and brainwashing of ideologies from politicians and tyrants, than, this world shall end.

Being a refugee in your own country, loosing your family and feeling helpless is worse than hell. The film has some brilliant performances from Anupam Kher, Mithun Chakraborty, Pallavi joshi, and Darshan Kumaar. All deserve a National Award, with their passionate, endearing and touching performances. From “Saransh” to now, Anupam Kher has come full circle. As for Mithun, he is a revelation. Personally one of his best and realistic performances so far.

One thing that stayed on with me after watching this film is what Brahma Dutt, played by Mithun, says, whatever is taken away from you…”Hope” shall always prevail,, and that hope for the good can be humanely be achieved by our own actions. The film by Director Vivek Agnihotri is a must watch.

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