THE KING’S MAN – Movie Review

Awesome TV · December 22, 2021 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

THE KING’S MAN – From the “Kingman”- series, you could say this is the prequel, or rather how – “THE KING’S MAN” began and how it formed. Set at the turn of the century, you see Ralph Fiennes character working for the Red Cross, and prior he worked as a commander in the British Army. A century ago, The British Empire was very imperialistic. His views changes and instead of serving for his country, one should serve for humanity first.
   He has a son that he protects, but his son wishes to fight for his country for the good. Now their ideologies take a pause between them. The film has some zany action sequences. Mixing fiction with history can be risky, but it all falls into place in this film.
   Seeing Rasputin played by Rhys Ifans is the highlight of the film. He creeps you and at the same time cracks you up with his portrayal of this psychotic Russian Monk. The film is fun and entertaining, but at times it is predictable, also at times far fetched.

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