The Lost City – Film Review

Awesome TV · March 23, 2022 · Movie Reviews, News · 0 comments

The Lost City – What a cast. Sandra Bullock looking her best ever, Brad Pitt in a cameo, Channing Tatum suits the role as Bullock’s love interest, and Daniel Radcliffe as the villain this time, is star power for this new action-adventure-romantic-comedy film.

But the film sadly to say is weak and dull. Bullock plays Loretta Sage who writes romantic novels, but feels her life and stories are boring and mundane. Tatum who appears as the book cover model known as Dash, values her work by bring his character to life in all her work. Until her latest novel called, “THE LOST CITY” takes them on an adventure.

She gets kidnapped by a tycoon, played by Radcliffe who believes that her book is source for the real “Lost City”, that may hold treasures that he can possess for himself.

There are some funny moments but far and few. Just like Sandra Bullock’s role as an author that says, “Delete…Delete…Delete”, when she is not satisfied with her work in the beginning, then as an audience you feel like that the same throughout the film.

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