TRIBHANGA – Movie Review

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By Arun Sajnani

TRIBHANGA – I usually never sit through a movie twice in a weekend, but for Kajol, I had to. The film is “TRIBHANGA”, which has been directed by actress – Renuka Shahane. It stars Tanvi Azmi, Mithila Palkar, Kunaal Roy Kapur & Kanwaljit Singh.

   The film is intense at times, and it has its sarcastic humor, that Kajol as Anupama excels in. Her performances always takes you in and absorbs one, as if you are part of her journey. She is also vibrant with choosing many expletives to shock you. Usually we see her as the bubbly cute girl next door, who is funny and excited in life in her roles. In this I only had reservations with her foul language in this character. But perhaps from a direction stand point, they wanted to bring something challenging for Kajol to do.

   “Tribhanga” is about talented woman that are self made and are creative in their goals. It is a story of a mother, a daughter, and a grand-daughter. It tells there stories of their resentment, secrets in their closets, and aspirations that collide with each other. Their differences may have torn them apart, but ties are there to last forever.

   The narration is fresh, and it deals with the theme of always of one, who must find a way to forgive and forget.  A family is always a family with all the ups and downs thrown at us. “Tribhanga” – has that Mumbai -Marathi flavor that reminds me of Mahesh Manjrekar’s film with Tabu in a way, called – “Astitva”. A woman’s choice to to do what she wants today is more important relevant than ever, and needs to be respected always. Its a bold subject that has been beautifully handled by Renuka Shahane. Go take a look. Now streaming on Netflix.

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